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Individual Consultancy

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Post  uwezo on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:11 pm

Hello Rweyemum!
Please note that it is unlikely more than one proposal to have same score because methodology of evaluating TP was designed to avoid the matter as stipulated under Regulation 299 of GN. 446 of 2013
The evaluation of technical proposals shall be carried out on the basis of the principal criteria to which merit points are accorded so that each proposal is scored out of a hundred and the firms shall be ranked by order of merit on the basis of the highest score. (2) Subject to regulation 297 (1), a procuring entity shall evaluate each technical proposal taking into account several criteria which had previously been disclosed in the request for proposals. (3) The evaluation committee shall use numerical ratings for each of the following criteria which may further be divided into sub criteria: (a) experience of the consultant in the same field as that of the assignment and on similar projects; (b) professional reputation of the consultant and previous performance and experience; (c) knowledge of the project environment in the country and in the region and their implications for the project; (d) inclusion of local firms and experts in the assignment; (e) understanding of the terms of reference; (f) overall quality of the proposal, plan and methodology proposed; (g) qualification of experts and experience in the field of the assignment; and (h) ability to deal with national personnel and agencies, and language proficiency. (4) The relative importance of the sub-criteria specified under sub-regulation (3) rated out of one hundred will vary with the type of services to be performed and as a guide, the relative merit points are provided in Table (a) of the Fourteenth Schedule to these Regulations. (5) The Authority may issue guidelines on how to fix weights depending on different types of assignments. (6) Where there is a participation of only local persons or firms, the weight given to participation of local firms shall be fixed to zero. (7) The technical criteria for pre-qualification shall be limited to factors and in accordance to numerical ratings prescribed in Table (b) of the Fourteenth Schedule to these Regulations. (Cool The factors prescribed in Table (c) of the Fourteenth Schedule to these Regulations shall be indicated in the request for proposals and used in the evaluation of proposals to which other numerical ratings may be attributed to attain the score of one hundred points. (9) The latest curriculum vitae of the proposed key personnel shall be signed by the holder and an authorized official of the consultant and shall be rated in the following three sub criteria:
(a) general qualifications: general education and training, length of experience, positions held, time with the consulting firm as staff, experience in developing countries, and so forth;
(b) adequacy for the assignment: education, training, and experience in the specific sector, field, subject, and so forth, relevant to the particular assignment; and
(c) experience in the country, knowledge of the local language, culture, administrative system and government organization.
(10) The evaluation committee shall evaluate each proposal on the basis of criteria stipulated in the request for proposal.
(11) The numerical ratings set out in the request for proposals for each factor shall be attributed for each proposal received and tabulated on a summary weighted and summed up and such method shall provide consistent assessment of the various proposals received and that the proper weight is given to each proposal. (12) At the end of the process, the evaluation committee shall prepare an evaluation report of the "technical quality" of the proposals which shall substantiate the results of the evaluation and describe the relative strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and all records relating to the evaluation, such as individual mark sheets, shall be retained until completion of the project and its audit.
(13) The evaluation committee shall submit the evaluation report on the technical proposals to the procurement management unit in accordance with Regulation 298 (3) and (4), which shall review, comment on the evaluation report and thereafter submit the report and its recommendations to the tender board.

In foresaid, you may agree that it is in few possibility to find TP with the same score and in case occur the PPA 2011 and its regulations 2013 remained silent. The procuring entity therefore will be required to seek advise from PPRA. However, this will apply when only one individual is required but if multiple consultants are required their FP will be opened and compared in which case the lowest FP will be recommended


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Individual Consultancy

Post  rweyemamu nyakale on Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:45 pm


I would like to know if the score of technical evaluation among the consultants fall under the same marks lets say 100%,My question is what will we do on financial proposal opening?

rweyemamu nyakale

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